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 DATEX - warehouse management system (WMS)  

Misr Logistics Company now sing The Latest version of DATEX (WMS) that will allow you to follow up your product full visibility for your stock 24\7.

A Microsoft Gold Partner, DATEX provides flexible, reliable supply chain technology solutions to help make businesses more profitable. In successful operation since 1978, DATEX has helped us to operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art technology including award winning Microsoft-based warehouse management software, mobile devices and services such as EDI and mobile device management. Using a workflow-based warehouse management system enables our company to fast-Track implementations, save costly professional fees and valuable time.

Packages on Shelves

Manage your Inventory

FootPrint provides complete Inventory Management, keeping track of everything you have in your Warehouse, and where it all is.

  • Inventory is stored as different types of Materials, allowing full customizability of each good you'll be storing.

  • Lot Control allows for tracking unique Lots and Vendor Lots for each Material.

  • Serial Control allows the specification of unique traits and qualities, as well as tracking, for individual items in your Warehouse.

  • Materials are grouped by movable License Plates.

  • Material Totals can be quickly Adjusted when necessary.

  • As many Material Locations as you need can be set up, organized in any manner of your choosing.

  • Moves make keeping track of your Inventory a cinch.

Track and Trace

FootPrint provides robust data histories, allowing every item in your Warehouse to be tracked through every Location it has been in, each License Plate it has been grouped into, its Status changes, when it was added in FootPrint, and more. Manufactured items can even be traced back to their component parts.

Customizable Workflows

FootPrint takes advantage of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to enable complete customization of the functionality and behavior of the system. Simple to understand input and output flowchart logic drives this powerhouse of control.

Yard Management

FootPrint provides the ability to schedule and plan Dock Appointments and Operations, viewable in real time. Scheduled Dock Doors can be changed through a simple drag-and-drop interface, and the modules keeps track of driver and vehicle information, scale tickets, and more.

Customizable Fields

FootPrint allows for the creation of unique User Defined Fields for any entity within the system, providing practically unlimited options for tracking information about Inventory, Locations, Orders, and so on.

Physical/Cycle Counts

Inventory can be easily accounted for and updated with schedulable Cycle Counts, which are easily completed on Mobile Devices.

Warehouse Transfers

Transfer Inventory from one Warehouse to another through a simple Warehouse Transfer procedure.

Account and Contact Management

FootPrint keeps track of vendor and customer Accounts, and Contact information for each Account, Owner, and Warehouse in the system.

Pallet Management

Keep track of each Pallet and Pallet Type used in your Warehouse.

User Management

  • Set access to FootPrint functionality at the user level, restricting different user groups to different areas of the software.

  • Set limits to the monetary amount by each user is able to Adjust Inventory, ensuring that big changes are seen by the people who need to see them most.


The optional 3PL module provides users with the tools they need to create and manage Contracts and Invoices directly in FootPrint, interfacing with external accounting software. Revenue is driven up when all work is accounted for using FootPrint.

Mobile Devices

FootPrint is ready for use with Mobile Devices of all sorts, with a specific FootPrint Mobile Client developed for the medium. Access all your Warehouse's information and perform operations on the fly at any place in your Warehouse, bringing FootPrint to the places it's needed most.

Shipping Management

The optional Shipping Management module provides real-time shipping and rate information from your potential carriers, allowing informed, money-saving decisions.

Temperature Control

FootPrint can be configured for the Temperature Controlled Warehouse, restricting certain Materials to certain Temperature Zones, to which Locations can be configured. When Temperature Controlled Materials are in the wrong Zone, their expiration dates can be configured to accelerate accordingly.

Owner Management

FootPrint allows for the management of multiple Owners of the Inventory stored it your Warehouse, and each Owner is allowed multiple Projects among which their Inventory is categorized. All Inventory is strictly tied to its Owner in the system, so that no misattribution may occur.

Transform Inventory

FootPrint allows for the transformation of Inventory whenever necessary, useful for processing or when breaking down Packaging.

Accessorial Charges

Customizable Accessorial Charges can be created and tracked in FootPrint, and these can be used for Billing purposes and assigned to specific Owners.


Automatic Replenishment Tasks can be set up and scheduled in FootPrint to make sure Pick Locations are kept stocked with all the necessary Inventory.

Hold Statuses

  • Create customized hold statuses to better keep track of your Inventory.

  • Used along with Workflows, Received Inventory can be put on hold until it passes inspection.


FootPrint's customizable Reporting allows users to take the mountains of raw data tracked by FootPrint and turn it into easy-to-read Reports, detailing precisely what information is desired.​


The optional Manufacturing module provides the ability to combine component Materials, producing a single finished good with a traceable history leading back to each component. Goods can be unmade as well, the system tracks consumed and scrapped components, manages scheduling, and even does inventory planning.

Inventory Packaging

FootPrint allows Materials to be configured for multiple Packaging levels, allowing for storage of packages within packages (each individual item within a box, boxes within a case, and so on).

Cross Docking/Transloads

FootPrint handles Cross Docking/Transload procedures as part of the Operation Management module, simplifying the Order process.

Transfer Inventory

Quickly and easily Transfer Inventory from one Owner to another, even across Warehouses.

Set up Multiple Warehouses

Multiple unique Warehouses can be set up and managed in FootPrint, even allowing for Third Party Warehouses to have tracked Inventory.

Carrier Management

Shipment Carriers and their Service Types can all be set up in FootPrint, and then quickly referenced when creating Shipments.

Customizable Notifications

Set up and subscribe to countless configurations or Alerts - as many as needed. Receive Notifications in real-time about important occurrences in the Warehouse, such as expiring Lots and Materials being moved into the wrong Locations.

Customer Visibility

With the use of the FootPrint Customer Portal, allow your customers to stay up-to-date with their Inventory, Orders, and Shipments. Configure customer-friend Reports to be viewed on demand, whenever the customer wants.

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