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Customs Clearance


The General Authority of the Control of Exports and Imports issued new instructions for customs ports at the all governate that's according to the letters of industrial goods to be granted, Transport and storage under custody and supervision of the competent supervisory authorities.


  • The new instructions required the submission of a copy of the ownership contract or the rental of the warehouse to be stored, regarding to the importer's request, A special message shall be given to transport and storage in custody at the importer's warehouses. The copy of the license of the warehouse shall be provided accompanied by a copy of the contract of ownership or lease of the warehouse, In addition to the other conditions of transport and storage which is mentioned in Article 86 of the import regulations.


  • The undertaking also stipulates that the letter or any part thereof shall not be disposed of until after obtaining the final release from the General Authority of Control of Exports and Imports. Beside following up the branch of the body that drew samples to obtain the result of examination and testing and obtain the final release in the case of identical message or Re-photographed in case it rejected by the Commission.

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